Building a new home? Remodeling your current house? Want to increase your resale value? We professionally pre-wire all low voltage cabling throughout your home before sheetrock is installed to prepare you for the future.



The modern day home is really complex and we know a lot of thought goes into making it functional and beautiful. The best way to ensure that your house reaches maximum functionality is through pre-wiring. In order to pre-wire your home, we run low-voltage wiring throughout your house before sheetrock is installed. Doing this hides all cables within your walls and makes the technology installation process much easier and faster in the future. Not to mention, it opens up so many possibilities for your home! Continue reading to learn more about some of the incredible benefits of pre-wiring.


Future-proof your home

Let’s face it… we can’t plan for everything the future will bring. However, we do know what types of wiring will be most useful down the road. Pre-wiring allows homeowners room for growth and helps prepare your home for the technology of tomorrow. In fact, wiring your home for automation now will save you time and money if you decide you want it installed in the future. For instance, you might not want a surveillance system now, but with the proper wiring in place you can add it quickly and easily.

From smart doorbells to a centralized lighting system, many automation devices require functions that are easier to assemble during the pre-wiring stage or when a home is already pre-wired. Not only does it save you time, but the products will have more efficiency as well.


Increase Value

You never know – the next person buying your house could be obsessed with technology or audio systems. When buyers are presented with making the tough decision about which house to buy, the home that gives them the most flexibility for home theater, technology, and security will show better than non-wired comparable homes. There’s no doubt that pre-wiring your home will increase its resale value and establish a competitive edge when you resell. The future is technology, and these integrations will win over buyers’ hearts.


Prewiring not only hides cables, it allows you to create a centralized hub to control all of your technology. You can store all of your equipment, like AV receivers and amplifiers, in a single place. Better yet, you can have it all located in a convenient closet or cabinet that is out of sight. The point is, YOU get to choose where everything goes and how it runs and aren’t stuck with needing to adapt to what already exists. Setting up the wiring from scratch in the beginning makes it easier to control where everything goes.

Running wires through the walls also helps keep your home looking upscale and organized. No random wires! They’re all hidden in your walls and deliver the incredible speed that’s needed for all of your devices. Some people mention using WiFi to control their devices. Rest assured, it’s definitely possible, but having physical wires running throughout your home sets you up for speedy success, no matter what devices you want to connect.


Pre-wiring your home opens up so many options! With the proper wiring in place, you can control systems all over your home from a central hub. Here’s a partial list of systems that can benefit from proper pre-wiring:

As a rapidly-growing technology, smart home technology uses devices connected to the Internet of things (IoT) to automate and monitor in-home systems. Users conveniently use a single screen to control all smart home devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Smart entertainment devices allow you to interact with your electronics in a more seamless, natural manner. You can do this by touch, gesture, or voice. You’ll no longer have to juggle an array of cables and buttons, especially if your home is pre-wired and ready for setup.

This technology is designed to get the hardware out of your way, allowing you to more intuitively control the entertainment environment in your home.

Today’s average home has a vast array of connected devices. All tech products, such as televisions, laptops, smartphones, computers, electronic door locks, and thermostats, require a solid, reliable networking infrastructure to function at their full potential.


You can trust us to install reliable home alarm and video surveillance systems in your home. We can connect your alarm and surveillance systems with your media system to make monitoring your home easy. You’ll breathe easy knowing you can check in on your loved ones and property from your smart device at any time. Contact us today to learn more about our home video surveillance services.


At Elite Home Technology, we offer top-notch security systems, fire alarms, and home automation systems that will make your life safer, more functional, and more enjoyable. You will be resting easy when you work with us. Our professional team and fast installations are enough to keep customers coming back, again and again.